“Bubba” Bitner served honorably in Vietnam, suffering both physical and psychological wounds as a result. He went on to serve in law enforcement in Alaska and South Dakota, receiving additional battle wounds in the line of duty. He has endured multiple surgeries, walking with a permanent limp and suffers blackouts and dizzy spells.

Bubba approached Able Dog with a simple request
for a forever friend and service dog. That request
has been answered by “Liberty”, a beautiful Bull Mastif/German Shepherd. The minute they met, there was a special bond. Liberty is presently in training to provide physical support in the event of dizzy spells and loss of balance. In the case of emergency, she will also be trained to activate his life alert bracelet

Jason is a Persian Gulf War Veteran.

Molly came to us as after being born with a seriously deformed front leg  She is a beautiful 6 month old Black Lab/German Shepherd with the sweetest disposition. She doesn't even realize that she is not like other dogs as she loves to play and socialize. We feel she will be an excellent candidate for a fine therapy dog. She is very intelligent and intuitive. She is excelling in her basic training and has adapted quite well to her "disability". 

If you would be interested in assisting with Molly's development and/or medical bills please click on the

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