Service Dogs

People with mobility impairment endure challenges for even the simplest life tasks. Able Dog strives to provide trained dogs to assist those with special needs 

We’ve partnered with the various veterans organizations to help returning military personnel transition back to civilian life using highly specialized service dogs.

Able Dogs goal is to work closely with local rescues 

and train  unwanted and abandoned dogs, helping address the pet overpopulation problem. 


Specialized Dog Programs

Comfort and Companions

We get lots of requests for

companion dogs, and dogs who simply provide comfort for individuals who need emotional support.

Rescue Dogs

Able Dog selects individual candidates based on individual criteria and need assessment. Able Dogs mission is to partner with shelters, rescue groups, and experienced trainers to find suitable dogs for each individualized candidate. These dogs go through a complete assessment and physical evaluation.  Whether they are to be considered companion dogs, therapy dogs or ultimate service dogs, all are given the proper training to prepare them for their forever home. 

Our Program Is a nonprofit funded by charitable giving from private and corporate donors. Your continued support makes it possible for Able Dog to provide Service Dogs to our clients on a sliding scale based on each individuals circumstances. It is our sincere desire that our disabled clients receive the finest canine companionship regardless of their financial situation.